Read & be readers

Books are uniquely suited to helping us change our relationship to the rhythms and habits of daily life in this world of endless connectivity. We can’t interrupt books; we can only interrupt ourselves while reading them. They are the expression of an individual or a group of individuals, not of a hive mind or collective consciousness. They speak to us, thoughtfully, one at a time. They demand our attention. And they demand that we briefly put aside our own beliefs and prejudices and listen to someone else’s. You can rant against a book, scribble in the margin or even chuck it out the window. Still, you won’t change the words on the page.
— Will Schwalbe @ WSJ

Of course you could say the same about any fixed property—I can't stop E.T. from going home, or bring Gary back on thirtysomething (come back, Gary, come back, but not in a monkey's paw kind of way!)—although I like the point, and in particular I like a point that reinforces what I already believe to be true. I am, after all, an American™.