A few notes of Thanxgiving & New York City

Colin Stokes at McSweeney's ("The perks of being a professional protestor"):

George Soros is at every protest with a huge sack of cash. The money is amazing — he just gives it to you when you show up, and says, “Here is the cash! Thanks, my faithful protesting employees. My name is George Soros. This is happening in real life, you are not dreaming, and this is not an insane lie your president-elect is making up. I’m in multiple cities and countless college campuses across the country at once handing out money. Don’t ask how it’s possible, just take my cash!

Last Saturday afternoon I walked home from Playwrights Horizons, up 9th Avenue and then Columbus. It took me about an hour. On 9th Avenue I passed Matthew Broderick standing outside a restaurant staring down at his phone, and on Columbus I passed a man sitting outside a restaurant next to a baby stroller filled with Chihuahuas.

Patti Smith in M Train:

We want things we cannot have. We seek to reclaim a certain moment, sound, sensation. I want to hear my mother's voice. I want to see my children as children. Hands small, feet swift. Everything changes. Boy grown, father dead, daughter taller than me, weeping from a bad dream. Please stay forever, I say to the things I know. Don't go. Don't grow.

There's a blind woman sometimes waiting at my bus stop in the morning. She arrives usually on the arm of someone who seems to be a stranger, who helps her reach the bench and then departs, and she'll ask out loud whether a bus is coming, and either I or someone else will answer, and when the bus arrives either I or someone else will offer an arm and help her on board. She sits down at the front, close to the driver, in the seats reserved for the elderly or disabled or pregnant. I like to sit at the back, up high where I can see everything, and for a while over the summer this guy used to get on at 72nd with a dog in a small carrier that would cry all the way to midtown. Now it's usually kids crying on their way to school, and once in a while this weirdo with long blonde hair who likes to holler about politics and change his shirt in the middle of the aisle.

Howard Zinn in A People's History of the United States:

When economic interest is seen behind the political clauses of the Constitution, then the document becomes not simply the work of wise men trying to establish a decent and orderly society, but the work of certain groups trying to maintain their privileges, while giving just enough rights and liberties to enough of the people to ensure popular support.

A couple years after I moved here, a man stopped me on Amsterdam while I was out running errands. He was standing with a woman on the sidewalk and they were both looking a little bewildered, and he said "Do you live here?" I assumed they wanted directions, because tourists are always stopping me for directions, but when I nodded yes, all he said was "How?"

An email from my father:

I promise each & every one of my (our) children that they will each receive 1/5th of whatever we have left when we bow out. But I would advise you not  to make any, or, all of your decisions about your future financial plans based on what you expect to get from us, because it is not going to be all that much. Since mom & I are expecting to receive some monies from Aunt Ruth & Uncle Gary's inheritance, we have already adopted new increased spending habits, especially mom, AND SO FAR,IT HASN'T BEEN PRETTY. love, mom & dad

The response from me:

Well, look at it this way: we wouldn't be Geltemeyers if we were rich.

Happy turkey day, turkeys!

There is still good in the world

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