Wait there’s more

This is going to be an all-Bruce couple of weeks because I have literally (LITERALLY) nothing else to blog about. Tough luck, nerds. 

I like this pic of Bruce because he looks so happy. Also he makes a dude wearing necklaces look not as dumb as I suspect it might be. I'm not a fan of neckwear in general on anybody so admittedly I am not the right judge for this. Still, case closed. Verdict: not guilty.

I like this pic of Bruce because he looks slightly confused about how to be a guy standing around a table right in front of another table bearing autumn gifts in a mass market retail establishment. The wide open yet clearly confining space of this Barnes & Noble maybe isn't his natural milieu. Props on his chosen author costume, however. He wears it everywhere, like a melodious Steve Jobs.

I like this pic of Bruce because he's wearing his reading glasses and looks like a hip granddad reciting from a sacred text to a vase of tulips. The tulips, enrapt, stretch out to the sky: "Sing it, Grandpa!" "Shhh, I'm reading," he says, not unkindly. "Shut yer yaps."

I like this pic of Bruce because somebody Harry Potterfied him and he looks like an actual wizard. A merry, avuncular wizard. A wizard with an axe!

...to be continued!