For the love of TV clothing

I spent many hours last week watching "The Honourable Woman" on Netflix and wondering how anybody can possibly cry that much. The only other human actor I've ever seen weep with such dexterity was Carey Mulligan when she starred as The Seagull in "The Seagull" back in 20XX on Broadway. And as much as I was challenged by the moral conundrums posed by this baller chick-driven miniseries and enjoyed the performances of Maggie Gyllenhaal, Stephen Rea, Janet McFuckingTeer, et al., by the time it was over I was positively elated just to crawl across the finish line. But good god almighty her wardrobe! It just screams "classy baroness with a dangerous past who sleeps in a hygienic safe room somewhere in the center of London" doesn't it? From this witchy midnight blue silken top alone I may never recover: