How I spent my Christmas vacation

Wisconsin was wet and brown and sleepy, like a long Easter Sunday or an old gas station dog (h/t Dash Goff, the Writer). I ate everything offered unto me and frosted a thousand cookies. I slept late and took naps. I took five books and read nothing. I delivered gifts with my father, had a leisurely lunch with Kris. With my niece, I Made Art, drawings and puzzles and such. We went to see "Annie" and we both sang along. We mourned the demise of my father's favorite Marine Corps glass, another victim of dishwasher mayhem. "Taps" was played on Youtube. I wrapped presents badly; leagues of Scotch tape died for my sins. On Christmas day, in the gloaming, there were two games of Hearts. I lost twice. It cost me $2. No pony this year! At the end it was hard to leave.

New York was cold and gray. Chelsea landed on New Year's Eve, we ate pork buns and watched "Reign." So very much "Reign." (How much is too much "Reign"? There is no such thing.) With SarahB we attended the opera, "The Merry Widow," a pretty confection to top off the year, all gowns and glitter and nonsense. We ate cheese quesadillas and laughed late into the night. On New Year's Day we toasted with champagne, with Roxie, and a marathon of "Designing Women." Today SarahB and I went downtown for "Bringing Up Baby." We stopped at the Blind Tiger after for a BLT and a beer. The bartender knew us, a couple of screwballs.

They were perfect, these holy days.