2015 resolve

Better late than next year! Heh heh. Annus humor.

My goals for 2015 include but are not limited to mastering chopsticks and being a better friend. Also being a better blogger. Flossing with intent. Learning how to type on my phone. Running my designated races without caring about my time or hating myself at the end. Appreciating my knees. Wearing zero heels. Seeing more plays and more operas and more films. Drinking more coffee. Perfecting my omelette (j/k, my omelette game is solid). Saying yes to the right things, the things that pull me out into the world and tilt my head skyward. Remembering that I'm lucky, that the people I love are the people I trust and that wealth does not equal money. That everything goes and only some of it matters, and that maybe it wouldn't kill me to pay a little less attention to my hair and a little more to the condition of the bathroom floor.