Life on the inside

I'm tired of dreaming up brilliant (!!), exciting (!!!) things to photograph and yammer on about when all I want to do is lie on the sofa, so here's a picture of my kitchen. It's just a regular ol' kitchen. I don't have anything smart to say about it. I wouldn't mind if it were cleaned on a regular basis by robots, I guess. Cleaning is one thing I'd gladly turn over to a benevolent robot army. I'm sure eventually they'd rise up and use the scouring agents and microfiber dust cloths against us, but in the short term that feels like a small price to pay for peace of mind and freedom from bread crumbs. Even better if these same robots double as waffle makers. Some genius at Google, time to 86 the self-driving cars and move on this instead, STAT.

This post was brought to you from My Sofa © Crate & Barrel circa 2007, which is also available—nay, eager—to be cleaned.

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