How to frolic

I’ve been mainlining the bananas flambé that is this horrible show “Reign” on the CW (Megan Follows for all the poisoned gold doubloons!), so the word “frolic” is currently colored by images of scruffily bearded French dauphins chasing Anthropologie-clad maidens ’round impromptu lawn picnics. But there’s also this gem from “New Girl” creator Elizabeth Meriwether in last week’s New York Times magazine about a road trip she took with friends through Scotland:

We also played a game called Frolic, where anyone could just yell “Frolic!” and we’d pull over and run up and down the hills until we had enough. In Frolic, there are no winners or losers—unless you count the Scottish people who had to watch three slightly buzzed American tourists running around a hillside waving their arms around and screaming, “Frolic!”

I shall be instituting this policy for my next Hamptons visit, STAT, but mostly because I hate Americans.