Cabaret at Studio 54

I saw the revival of the revival of Cabaret last night, after listening to the (original revival) cast recording for years and years. Natasha Richardson's performance on that recording is one of my favorite things ever (as are those of Mary Louise Wilson, Ron Rifkin and my beloved Michele Pawk), so I was afraid I might be put off by Michelle Williams, who turned out to be a fine if not sensational Sally Bowles. Her portrayal was too mannered for me, but her voice was surprisingly strong (I don't know why I'm always shocked when film/TV actors can actually sing yet I am, every damn time). Alan Cumming goes without saying: it's a perfect melding of actor and character, dancing on that razor's edge between glee and horror—every flash of his smile a warning of what's to come—and I'm glad I had a chance to finally see him in the part. And Linda Emond and Danny Burstein, stunning a hundred times over.

These two numbers, though, will forever rule in my sentimental little heart.