An email from my father

For a while there I was afraid I'd never get to post another one of these. His spelling and punctuation haven't improved, but he's still “a thinker.”

Paul Krugman of the NY times had an article in our local paper cutting on my beloved Amazon. You didn’t write it, did you. Sounded like it came right out of your mouth. Communism sounding stuff. Stuff like Amazon is too powerful & can force publisher’s to their knees if they want to. Says they are in a fight with an outfit, sounds like Hatachette or something like that. Says they don’t force them on price but if they like the publisher they send their books out in 2 days but if they don’t like them it may take 2 or 3 weeks. Guess one outfit writes a book by Paul Ryan & it goes out right away, but a book about our beloved Koch brothers, I think it’s called ‘the Wichita Boys” doesn’t go out for 2 or 3 weeks. What’s going on here? And is that why you dropped your Prime? love, dad

We just got back from Pelindaba. We went to Dick & Carolyn’s on Sunday to watch the Packer game. Aunt Ruth was there & so were Ken & Sandy. We stayed over night & then mom came home while I went up to Pelindaba with Dick. Then today Dick & I drove to Birnamwood (that’s where Diane’s drive-in is located) & met mom & we went to Chet & Emil’s for chicken dinner. Then mom & I drove home from there.

Tomorrow morning we have to go to Christie’s “grandparents day” at her church & school. They are gradually making her into a little Catholic, she sneaks in words like “Jesus,” “heaven,” & the big one, “God.” What’s the world coming to? Not enough we got I,S.I.S., Ebola, the god damn republicans about to take over the Senate & now this. Is nothing sacred anymore.? Well, I’ll let you go but fill me in on this Amazon attack. They are even making comparisons to the huge oil conglomerates that were around at the turn of the century that they had to “break up” because they were too powerful & monopolistic. My little old Amazon is much too consumer friendly to be thought of in that light. love, Dad ”