Watching: The Anniversary Party

The indie film version of a pep talk, circa 2001:

Oh God—you are so lucky that you don't have kids. You can't stick your head in an oven. You can't take a handful of Percodan if you want, you can't slit your wrists, you know? You can't do yourself in. Kids just rob you of that option. They do—trust me.

—Phoebe Cates in The Anniversary Party

This is one of my favorite watch-anytime movies. The characters are odd and annoying just like regular people; they chafe up against each other and break off into gossipy little groups based on past affinities and mistakes, and there's some nice open hostility, as well. Most are questionable as people you'd choose to hang out with, and several are excellent representations of irritating spousal tagalongs, but Alan Cumming! Kevin Kline! Parker Posey, Denis O'Hare AND John Benjamin Hickey (!!!)! The only thing better than that is the soundtrack.