Let's start running

I am nothing if not an enthusiastic learner; go ahead, ask anybody. Sometimes it's because I have a general interest in something, but mostly because I know what I can sort of do and what I can do better. And I want to not only be a better runner, I want to actually learn about running; in the way that I could never just sit down and be the kind of writer I want to be or start taking the kind of photos I want to take without understanding at least the mechanics of the craft, I recognize that I'll never be a really solid runner until somebody who knows what they're doing shows me what to do. Call it remedial or slow, call me a professional dilettante, whatever, I know when I need help. So this summer I'm signed up for a beginner's running class that goes from June 9 through the end of August (i.e., three months!). We will meet every Tuesday night and every other Saturday morning, and I am warning you now because you will hear a lot about this for the next three months. If I am going to be tired, you might as well be, too. BLOG LAW! Suckers.