Breakfast salad

A couple of weeks ago I had to call CV at work in Chicago from the aisles of Gristedes and ask her where a person might find "polenta." And now look at me! I'm becoming kind of a domestic asshole. Thanks Mark Bittman—how did you know savory breakfast ideas that don't include wheat were exactly what I've been searching for, since I am tired of eggs and also looking to dial up my vegetable count?

Thus: Sauteed kale and wild mushrooms over polenta, modified from here, because A) I don't use the oven and am hungry before 30 minutes, B) kale has a stronger flavor and sautees better than spinach, and C) I certainly don't make my own polenta. I do, however, like obscene amounts of black pepper, and usually top it with a squeeze of fresh lemon—flavor bright!—and a sprinkle of parmigiano/reggiano. Mmmm, delicioso!