Reading: Happy All the Time by Laurie Colwin

Of course my favorite character in Laurie Colwin's Happy All the Time has a prickly, proactive crabbiness that mostly reminds me of me. That she's pursued by a nice young handsome rich man doesn't hurt much, either, nor does the fact that she remains crabby even in happiness.

The florist escaped into a back room after looking at Vincent in a way that made it clear he dealt regularly with emotionally turbulent young men who knew nothing about flowers. Vincent himself knew very little. About all he knew was that his Aunt Lila had once bred a hybrid rose and named it after her cleaning woman, Mrs. Iris Domato. The florist returned with a huge bouquet of tea roses, snapdragons, and stock.

"Usually you wanna spend this much, you have a fight with your wife," said the florist. "You have a fight with your wife?"

"Girlfriend," said Vincent.

"Flowers help sometimes," said the florist. "And sometimes they don't.

Vincent was almost sure Misty did not like flowers, but he wanted to bring her something huge and showy. A gesture of affection and hostility was just the sort of thing she might appreciate.

— Laurie Colwin, Happy All the Time