Elaine Stritch at the Martin

We were the "Carlyle Again" warm-up audience, which suited suttonhoo and I just fine: it was like being backstage at a chummy rehearsal, and cost approximately $400 less than the real thing ("What you see is what they're gonna get," she said). Others in the audience weren't quite so amused, but polished or no, the lady knows how to hold a stage.

Anyway. You probably haven't lived until you've seen Elaine Stritch perform "The Ladies Who Lunch" ("I'm not going to do any Sondheim," she reported at the start, and then, to finish: "I lied").

And you definitely have not lived until you've seen Elaine Stritch perform "Woke Up This Morning" from "The Sopranos" along with a six-piece back-up band. "Hat's fuckin' off," she said at the end, which seemed to sum up the whole thing pretty well. A broad is a broad is a broad, I tell ya, and this one was sassy, salty, and how shall we say, loose of tongue.