An interview with Lorrie Moore

There was a three-month period last fall (so I guess that would make it AUTUMN) when I read through Lorrie Moore's Anagrams once a week. I mean read the whole thing through. I couldn't get enough. I finally had to file it away in a different room, so it would stop staring at me, and daring me. Goddamn book. She writes total nutjob characters and yet you want to be them anyway, just to say she made you up.

There's a brief lull, an opportunity for someone to ask the Burning Question, the one that gets asked in one form or another at every literary event: Where do you get your ideas? Before it can happen, Moore looks up at the sky.

"There are bats up there," she says casually.

That's good, says Elissa Schappell, an editor at Tin House magazine. They eat mosquitoes.

"Yeah, the bat lobby wants you to believe that," Moore replies, not batting an eye.

โ€” "Tin House, where a writer can dream," The Oregonian (via bookslut)