NYC: Lux Lotus & VYNL

The divine lux lotus was gracious enough to meet me for lunch this afternoon at VYNL in Hell's Kitchen. She's a smart, savvy & stylish lady with a fabulous career, so you should give her a daily read like I do. Especially if you salivate over all things smart, savvy, stylish & cultural. Like I do.

She even brought me books (Second Language by Ronna Wineberg and The Untelling by Tayari Jones) written by authors she represents, because, again, she has a fabulous career. Such is the power of the blogworld, my friends—so many amazing people you'd otherwise never have the opportunity to meet.

I stayed at the Renaissance, btw. I wish I could show you the ugliest fucking bedspreads in the history of the world, but alas! 'Tis not our fate. Nice clean fairly quiet hospitable hotel, though—business class all the way.