Don't cry for me, Argentina

1987: On a high school road trip to Florida with Kris and Meredith, Trixie hears Evita and Patti LuPone (and Mandy Patinkin!) for the first time (i.e., sigh. Once a dorkl, always a dorkl.). She is transfixed.

1998: On a roundabout (and around and around and around) drive to Rosemont for PubTech, poor Chips is forced to listen to both Evita and Sunset Boulevard ad nauseam. Amazingly, she does not A) throw herself into oncoming traffic, or B) cut Trixie out of her life forever. However, she has since refused to sign up for any long rides with Trixie at the wheel.

2002: On The Night That Would Not End, CV and Mrs. Smith suffer through floods, fog, hunger, and exhaustion so Trixie can see Patti LuPone perform live in a real Sondheim show.

2004: Well, it only took seventeen years. (But lucky for all of you, Trixie has finally learned to go it alone.)

Setting the stage: Ah, chilly chilly night. Chilly. Chilly. Night. In other words, positively gorgeous. Ravinia is Trixie's very own version of Wonderland.

Highlights: Hmmm. Difficult to choose when every moment is a highlight. #1 for Trixie: "Don't Rain on My Parade." #2: "Easy to Be Hard." #3: "I Was Here." Special note: "A Boy Like That/I Had a Love," a duet from West Side Story in which our fearless Miss Patti plays both roles. Really, you had to be there.

Lowlights: Oh, that the evening had an ending.