29 going on... 29

Look at that...June 7th already.

CV, Stretch, and Trixie follow a late-morning funeral procession halfway to La Grange to celebrate CV's (not) 29th birthday, which she honors by adopting an all-pork-all-the-time diet (although Trixie suspects neither her personal physician nor her orthodontist is likely to approve). Alas, Taco Tuesday shall be the true test of her resolve.

Joining them at the Grapevine (mmmm...wine juice) are Mrs. Smith and Mlle Clarklene (apparently skipping school so she can adhere to the all-white mealplan, with an exception made for a tres moist birthday cake prepared by Stretch), and special surprise guest Chips who, thankfully, is as hungry for jalapeno sausage as Trixie.

Condolences to poor Mary Mary, quarantined at home with the stomach flu. (Probably the jalapeno sausage would have sent her right over the proverbial edge.) Best wishes for a speedy recovery, and a happy birthday to CV! (Woo hoo! Only 364 days until she turns 29 again!)