The weekend memorial

From Trixie’s sickbed (cough cough), she can only offer a cursory summary of the following significant Memorial weekend events (sneeze):

Sunday, May 30: Dinner at Morton's in Oakbrook with Chips, Salsa, and CV. While Chips recoils from the living lobster display on the menu cart, she seems not to mind selecting their brethren-of-the-sea, the unassuming crab(cake), as her entree. Salsa and Trix play follow the leader with CV, to the tune of a most excellent cajun ribeye (those 60 marinating hours paid off handsomely). Sour cream & bacon slathered hash browns are enjoyed by the entire table, as are two decadent desserts (hmmm, chocolate souffle and hot upside-down apple pie with vanilla ice cream, anyone?). All this followed by yet another round of desserts, drinks, and a game of truth or dare at The Clubhouse -- and still Trixie finds herself at home, tucked safely in bed (alone!), by 11:00 p.m. Las Vegas Redux, indeed.

Monday, May 31: Mrs. Smith and the Old Man play host to their friends for a Memorial Day barbecue, in which the Old Man is forced to brave a series of torrential downpours in the service of grilling more meat for his guests. Meanwhile, CV shows off her dips and tells the story of the saddest offer ever; Stretch models her sassy new 'do and shares a yummy chocolate truffle cheesecake; and Tony takes his life into his own hands by questioning Mrs. Smith's knowledge of both the Bee Gees and Barbra Streisand.