Do not honk your horn

Stretch, Tony, CV, and Trixie join a gaggle of friendly and gracious O.C. types (who claim not to watch The O.C.!) for a touristic night on the town, courtesy of The GTS Companies. First stop, Morton's: much meat is consumed. Next: a mercifully brief tour through Hugo's Frog Bar, whose charm escapes Trixie entirely. Exotic bottled water and a booth at the Signature Lounge (plus a wide-angle view of the glittering cityscape from the ladies washroom) make the chilly, rain-soaked stroll worthwhile (why must it always be raining?). Finally: Tavern on Rush at 11:30 on a Friday evening. One cannot even begin to imagine Trixie's pain, which is eclipsed only by Stretch's severe irritation at being elbowed, more than once, from her chosen perch by a portly fellow making time with a Paris Hilton lookalike at the bar.