Parting of the ways

A recap of the latest issue of Vogue: p. 1-150: perfume & watch ads; p. 198, neon blue eyeliner; p. 222: huh?; p. 252-263: a spread of the ubiquitous Nicole Kidman looking dirty (literally, like dirt) in various terrifying guises; p. 268-277: a spread featuring Gerard Depardieu surrounded by a bevy of feathered & corseted pseudo-mannequins (okay, big sexy growly middle-aged French guy almost saves the day!); p. 283: stuffed bird on a stick; p. 296: obligatory Sofia Coppola pic; helllooo trashcan. (Sorry, Gerard.)

So Trixie is officially breaking up with Vogue. Like, forever. Dig? Time to channel that monthly $3.95 payout into a fund with a better ROI.