School sucks

Meet the following Writing Class Archetypes:

1) The Godly Octogenarian Former English Teacher whose favorite film is The Passion of the Christ. Go ahead and guess what her favorite book is. (Sadly, I will now be forced to submit something pornographic for a future writing assignment.)

2) Not one but two Bouncy Freshman Psych Majors, complete with Breck Girl Hair and Birkenstocks. Bouncy Freshman Psych Major Consensus: Anne Rice rocks! (Of course I can neither confirm nor deny, due to my strict goth-avoidance policy.)

3) The Black-Clad Social Malcontent who shows up one hour and fifteen minutes late and complains—loudly—because she's missed the "Meet Your Fellow Students" portion of the program. (All right, I do award extra special malcontent credit for the menacing chainlink accoutrements dangling from the beltloops.)