Edward Petherbridge on Gaudy Night

Retrospectively, I can understand our producer’s urge to brandish the secateurs and cool things a bit. They were used elsewhere too, but it was Gaudy Night that suffered the most at his hands, and he never tired of declaring that the first thing he did when taking on the three book project (which had already been developed to some degree by someone else – who, I never could discover), was to cut Gaudy Night from four episodes to three, though it is the longest of the three novels that were adapted and arguably the best and the most dense. In a ridiculous bid not to give the end away, the character of the culprit was crudely marginalised, the plot at once over simplified. It was the idea of being involved with a ladies’ college for several weeks that set our producer’s teeth on edge and he made sure we didn’t film at Somerville, but – anomalously – at Corpus Christi, one of the much older traditionally male colleges.
— Edward Petherbridge @ Vulpes Libris
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