3 things for today

1. It’s raining. The windows are open and I can hear the traffic and the rain and Lori McKenna looping on the hi-fi. The dog is sleeping in his crate, not entirely voluntarily. He scrunches his bed all up on one side and sleeps on half of it, on his back with all his feet up in the air, which looks uncomfortable but who am I to judge. When I picked him up at daycare on Friday I was told he barked in his crate a lot at naptime. I don’t know, man. We’re working on it. He’s not really a loner, is the problem. Is that a problem though? I was a loner (not the mail bombing type) for a long time myself and look where it got me.

2. We went to the park down the street yesterday afternoon and lazed around for a while. I take him there to run off-leash like a hooligan in the morning when there’s nobody in sight but at this hour no such luck. He seemed more interested in eating grass anyway. “He has such white teeth!” my mom said when she saw this picture. Well, sure. They’re brand new.


3. All in all I’d have to say this was the best summer I’ve had in a very long time, at least since the Summer of Harriet Walter. It only took 10 years, a cross-country move, a job change, a dog, a million hours of General Hospital, medication, friends, family, a little therapy, and a lot of naps. These days are gifts, but they were not free.

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Important news

Oh yeah, I had some bitchin’ family t-shirts made. They were a huge hit among people who got them for free.

Made some cool new tees for my nerd family.jpg
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Anniversary party

I’m not a big fan of posed photos (probably because I’m bad at posing). I like catching people unaware, doing things—doing nothing—talking to each other, waiting, drinking, laughing. I like noise and garbage in the background—detritus, the stuff of our lives, off center and a little blurry. My family thinks I’m a screwball, but the details are what I want to capture, the asides when no one but me was looking.

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3 things for today

1 - This Harper Reed episode of Track Changes is delightful, especially the stories he tells about his parents and the way he talks about dealing with stress at work (“I just love that strife!”), a response to chaos that has never once occurred to me in life but has since proven legitimately useful.

2 - “By contrast, the closest thing I’ve seen to a disaster outdoors was when my brother sliced his fingers on an open blade while reaching into my backpack for some wieners. We were about to cook them on a small (and illegal) open fire on a beach in western British Columbia. To get to the hospital we had to climb a few short crags over knee-high waves. He ended up with five stitches.” – James Somers @ Outside, via Craig Mod

3 - I don’t know, it’s Saturday. Have a beer. Take a nap! Do whatever you want!

# - My dog comes home tomorrow. Maybe they trained him to cook dinner.

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