I feel like this photo of Hugh Grant really gets me, on a molecular and psychic level.

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It is necessary to be lost
It is necessary to be lost.

There is a simple logic to this. You cannot find yourself without first being lost. You cannot catch what you do not drop. You have to open your fist and let what you are clenching fall.
— Cary Tennis @ Salon
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A hero of mine

Even though I get upwards of 35 spam emails a day, I’m already running out of subject lines to use as post titles, since the bulk of them are repeats delivered in multiples, day after day, from people who either want me to meet them tomorrow or who would like to be remunerated for recently hacking my computer. What a genius machine we built here.

Anyway, here are three good things:

1. How much Bobby ❤️ Claire:

2. What if the secret to happiness is a $30 programmable coffee maker

3. I’m going to see this band I’ve never heard of (because I’m old) Friday night with my friend Tami. She’s driving her teenage daughter and a friend down from Madison just as my dad once drove Kris and me to Milwaukee to see Huey Lewis & the News. I’m always encouraged by the fact that the world keeps turning, in spite of everything we do to destroy it, and how people keep cheering and supporting and believing in the things that they love.

4. Congratulations! You and I might have problems but at least we’re not this

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